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Custom Hydraulic Manifolds


It can be impossible to achieve the exact functionality you want using a standard manifold. Instead of trying to stuff a square peg in a round hole, work with us to design the right tool for the job.

PME’s custom designed hydraulic manifolds work specifically for your application. We make sure fluid moves where it needs to go, at the right time, using the perfect amount of pressure. Our custom designed hydraulic manifolds are much less likely to leak, if at all, and are easier to service. We also take external plumbing into consideration, making sure that your service department is able to hook everything up neatly and efficiently.

Thanks to block stacking, or sandwiching, where multiple blocks work together to achieve your desired function, we can help you design a manifold that fits in smaller spaces. Another benefit of this style of manifold is providing commonality in your parts inventory, and sometimes allowing you to get bulk pricing.

High Quality, High Volume 

We carry a large variety of standard hydraulic manifolds and keep an ample supply in stock, ready to ship.

If you know you’ll be ordering custom or standard hydraulic manifolds on a repetitive basis, we can stock them for you and ship whenever you need them.

Whatever your needs, you can rely on PME to get it to you – on time! Expediting may be available as well in case you find yourself in a pinch.

We always aim to be competitive in our pricing, and we always stand by the quality of our products. Be sure to ask about quantity discounts if you frequently order large quantities.

Replacement Manifolds

Sometimes a new manifold is all you need to breath new life into an old hydraulic system. Depending on your application, we may even be able to improve your current manifold design in order to add functionality or improve efficiency.


See a PME number on your block? Great! We will be able to look up your part quickly and get you a replacement. Simply request a quote through our website and type in your PME number when prompted. We usually turn around quotes within one business day, and can often provide expedited service if needed.

If you’re looking for replacement hydraulic manifolds that weren’t originally made by us, that’s no problem either. We’ll just have to go through another couple of steps to understand your design before we can start building. You can start this process by requesting a quote.

Finishing Options


Several types of finishes and colors are available for your custom designed hydraulic manifolds:

  • Anodizing (clear, black, blue, green, red, or gold)

  • Plating – zinc (black, clear, gold) or nickel

  • Nitriding


Assembly Services


Worry about one less thing by having us assemble your components and valves for you to ensure they are kept clean and free of contamination. We can either order components for you or you can have them drop-shipped to us. And since we designed the manifold, we already know where all of the components go, so who better to assemble than us? Take advantage of our assembly service today!

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